Corporate Responsibility Report 2014 Sprint Good Works
what’s next?

2014 was a big year at Sprint. Our new CEO Marcelo Claure started reshaping the company and inspiring employees from day one. The revised leadership team helped bring his inspiring ideas to fruition. The company’s new, more forward-thinking strategy has helped incite a turnaround for Sprint. And the marketplace is taking notice of our progress and Sprint’s new employee culture that is customer-centric, nimble, adaptable and accountable.

These changes are a breath of fresh air. They present the perfect opportunity to look at how Corporate Responsibility can best support our company’s strategy. And they provide the chance to reflect on what’s worked well and identify areas to move our industry forward.

Corporate Responsibility remains an essential part of our business and our brand. It continues to add tangible value to the business. This includes reduced operating costs, saving $200M/year in utility expenses alone. It includes reduced environmental fines that are substantially lower compared to many of our competitors. There’s also added value in meeting some of our large customer’s environmental requirements.

Going forward, Sprint will focus on sustainability areas that offer the biggest impact to our business and the environment. It’s about making lasting changes within that count. It’s about finding new ways to continue to reduce our environmental footprint. And it’s about serving as a model for people and companies, especially those in our supply chain, to implement their own habits and practices that minimize their environmental impact.

In the coming year, our Corporate Responsibility efforts will focus on the following:

• Getting more of our people at every level to take
  part in our Corporate Responsibility efforts.

• Discovering and nurturing creative ideas for
  wireless technology that lead to social progress.

• Continuing to educate suppliers on the business
  benefits of Corporate Responsibility and provide
  tools that help them meet our supplier criteria.

• Targeting our community support in areas most
  relevant to our business, customers and

• Identifying new ways we can further reduce our
  environmental footprint and influence others to
  reduce theirs.

• Adapting our Environmental Management
  System to our new business strategy.



If you have any questions or comments about what we’ve shared in this report, in our GRI index, or on our Corporate Responsibility website at, or if you have ideas or best practices we should consider, please contact us at

As always, we value external feedback. The field of Corporate Responsibility is changing on a daily basis, and our partnerships with individuals and organizations beyond our company is vital to our continued success.