Corporate Responsibility Report 2014 Sprint Good Works
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Sprint’s Facts

Sprint has an extensive presence throughout the United States and in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Guam.

Sprint has 3,012 patents in our name over the past seven years, making us a Top 100 U.S. Patent Owner.

More than 31,000 employees dedicated to surprising and delighting our customers with amazing wireless service.

One of the country’s biggest retailers with more than 12,000 stores. Annual revenues of $34.5 billon.

we are the connections
we make

Wireless connections are a constant in our daily lives. A son calls his mother just to see how she's doing. A businesswoman presents to a client halfway across the world. A first responder coordinates efforts in the wake of a tragedy.

These are the real, day-to-day interactions made possible by thousands of steel towers, transmitters and receivers, millions of lines of code, and our dedicated employees.

Sprint is the nation's third-largest telecommunications company, serving more than 57 million connections at the end of March 2015. And we're a major global Internet carrier.

Along with the Sprint brand, we offer wireless services through the Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile and Assurance Wireless brands. This multi-brand strategy enables us to serve diverse markets and their needs.

Sprint’s hard work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit date back to 1899. That’s when the Brown Telephone Company provided telephone service to rural areas surrounding Abilene, Kansas.

Sprint has brought many firsts to the industry since then, and we look forward to many more. Sprint built the first coast-to-coast wireless service from the ground up, provided the first camera phone and mobile streaming video, and was the first to launch a 4G wireless network.

Today, Sprint employs more than 31,000 people in thousands of field offices, retail stores and call centers nationwide and abroad, as well as at our headquarters in Overland Park, Kansas. And the entrepreneurial spirit that began over a century ago is alive and reinvigorated with the motivating force of CEO Marcelo Claure.

Sprint is connected to creation, ingenuity, growth and making a difference on a global scale. In 2013, Japanese telecommunications company SoftBank Corporation acquired 80 percent of Sprint, giving the company greater financial flexibility, scale and access to a world of new ideas.

Indeed, wireless connections are a constant in today's daily life. Through our people, technology, history, ownership and leadership, we'll help shape the most important connections in tomorrow's world — the millions of little ones that make a big difference every single day.